Oem Reiner Inkjet Jetstamp 970 - MP2 Ink


This Reiner Inkjet Cartridge is Manufacturers Part Number, EM940BKQD, or MP2 Ink


This ink is designed for and is compatible with the Jetstamp Graphic 970 Handheld Inkjet Printer.

  • Brand:
  • Reiner Inkjet Printers
  • ITEM:
  • REIN-970-MP2Ink


This Reiner Ink-Jet Cartridge is the standard Quick-Dry Ink for the JetStamp Graphic 970 printer designed for Non-Porous Surfaces that offers a semi-aggressive Ink Adhesion available.


Manufacturers Part Number: EM940BKQD

Substrates: Non-Porous and Porous

Ink Color: BLACK

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