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Spectra Starfire... Spectra Starfire...
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Spectra Starfire SG1024/MA-2C Print head


Spectra Starfire SG1024/MA-2C is a compact, self-contained unit built to withstand demanding industrial textile and other applications. It uses field proven materials to deliver consistent output over a long service life with continuous ink recirculation and two-color operation at 200 dots-per-inch.

Spectra SL 128 AA Printhead Spectra SL 128 AA Printhead
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Spectra SL 128 AA Printhead


Spectra S-Class SL 128 AA print heads have won the reputation of being the most resistant print heads for solvent-based ink printing and are designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial printing applications, such as widescreen graphics, etc. with resolutions up to 450 dots per inch.

Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl... Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl...
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Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl AAA Printhead


The Spectra® Polaris PQ-512/85 AAA is a high performance inkjet printhead designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial printing applications. The Polaris PQ-512 AAA family of printheads uses field proven materials and a repairable design to deliver a long service life and consistent output.