Oem Handjet EBS 260 Printer Ink - Yellow MEK Ink


This Handjet Printer Inkjet Cartridge is Manufacturers Part Number, XI40229, known as EBS 260 Handjet White Acetone Ink.


This EBS Ink-Jet Cartridge is the standard Quick-Dry White Ink for the Handjet EBS-260 printer designed for Non-Porous Surfaces that offers a strong Ink Adhesion.


Manufacturers Part Number: xi40229

Substrates: Non-Porous and Porous

Ink Color: WHITE


At Inkjet Coding and Marking we keep Handjet Portable Printer Ink for the EBS 260 Handjet and accessories in stock. We know your project for Inkjet Coding and Inkjet Marking depends on a reliable supplier...Partner with Us, today.

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