Mimaki CJV150 JV300 printhead M015372


This printhead 5540 is suitable for Mimaki CJV300 & JV300 series printers.


Mimaki DX7 printhead with chip M015372 head assy 5540 for mimaki CJV300 CJV150-160 JV300 JV150 printer
Original Mimaki TS34 JV34 CJV150 JV300 printhead-M015372
Original DX7 printhead Mimaki CJV150 CJV300 MP-M015372

This printhead M015372 is suitable for Mimaki CJV300 & JV300 series printers. This is the original Mimaki printhead (number M015372 replacing number M015307).

Product Specifications :

    Technology: Micro-Piezo
    Native resolution: 1440 dpi
    Min. droplet size: 1.5 pico litre
    Tot. amount of nozzles: 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)
    Firing frequency: 8 kHz
    Ink compatibility: eco-solvent and mild solvent

Printer compatibility :

   Mimaki CJV150-107
   Mimaki CJV150-107BS
   Mimaki CJV150-130
   Mimaki CJV150-130BS
   Mimaki CJV150-160
   Mimaki CJV150-160BS
   Mimaki CJV150-75
   Mimaki CJV150-75BS
   Mimaki CJV300-130
   Mimaki CJV300-130BS
   Mimaki CJV300-160
   Mimaki CJV300-160BS
Mimaki JV150-130
Mimaki JV150-130BS
Mimaki JV150-160
Mimaki JV150-160BS
   Mimaki JV300-130
   Mimaki JV300-130A
   Mimaki JV300-130BS
   Mimaki JV300-160
   Mimaki JV300-160A
   Mimaki JV300-160BS

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