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Anapurna XL UV Lamp 1922F-1... Anapurna XL UV Lamp 1922F-1...
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Anapurna XL UV Lamp 1922F-1 - D2+7570107-0001

This UV Bulb 1922F-1 is suitable for Agfa Anapurna XL UV printers. This lamp comes with an alcohol cleaning pad and a set of cotton gloves to keep the lamp stain-free during installation. Under normal conditions, this lamp is guaranteed for 500 hours. Dilli part number is 7570107-0003, Agfa part number is D2+7570107-0001 replacing D2+2509221. This UV lamp has an arc length of 18cm and a total length of 29cm.
Manufacturer part number: D2+2509221